Public Policy Day

Wednesday, September 23rd

Audio Recording - coming soon!

10:00am Advocacy Matters: Now More than Ever

          Zach Klipsch, Chair State Alliance of Michigan Public Policy Committee

          Legislative Priorities

          Before and After School Programs

          COVID-19 Action Map

10:10am Keynote: Public Policy in Childcare and the Role the Y Can Play
          Betsey Stevenson, Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the 

          University of Michigan Gerald R Ford School of Public Policy 

10:30am Keynote: Strategies for Election Season

          Democracy MVP.  Joselyn Benson, Michigan Secretary of State Office

10:45am Get Out the Vote 

          Kelly Kennai, Government Relations YMCA of the USA
          Virtual Youth Led Candidate Forums

          Lydia Mitchell, Michigan Youth In Government

11:10am Adapting to Virtual Advocacy: Using the Tools We Have 
          Brent Wake, Director Public Policy & State Initiatives, Indiana Alliance of YMCAs

          Indiana YMCA Advocacy Toolkit

11:30am Public Policy Partner Updates
          Michigan Department of Health- Dr. Bagdasarian
          Capitol Services -Todd Tennis
          YMCA of the USA Government Relations- Jim McGowen 

11:50am Moving Forward Together: A Call to Action