Governor's Meet

Governor Whitmer Signs Bill that Includes Funding for Michigan Youth In Government

State Funding Targeted at New and Expanded Delegations

YMCA Michigan Youth in Government (MYIG) is honored to announce that the State of Michigan has granted 3.75 million dollars to support the COVID recovery and future growth of YMCA MYIG’s programs. This funding will be accessible for the next three years to ensure YMCA MYIG remains accessible to teens across the state. This allocation will allow program expansion, greater access, and equity as we continue to build a diverse program with participation from all parts of the state.

This funding was made possible by the leadership and support of the Legislative champions Senator Wayne Schmidt (R-Traverse City) and Representative Brad Paquette (R-Niles). Their commitment to youth leadership and creating active and engaged citizens made this possible. The funding is part of the historic school aid bill signed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer on July 13th, 2021.

Alliance Staff member and YMCA MYIG Director, Lydia Mitchell and Youth In Government Board members Cathy Wilson, Ben Bodkin, and Justin Clement made the case for the funding with the legislators. Youth Governor Emma Macaluso (Elk Rapids) is pictured with Governor Whitmer above. She assisted with the legislative presentations.

YMCA MYIG is the premier hands-on civics and model-government program in Michigan. Our programs develop and support social studies knowledge, critical thinking skills and social emotional intelligence. YMCA MYIG teen participants learn and practice the skills needed to be active, engaged and responsible citizens of Michigan’s future. In 2019, more than 1,200 teens participated in Michigan’s model government conferences in Lansing as well as region preparation events and programs. We look forward to bringing thousands of Michigan’s teens back to Lansing this school year.

The funding will be administered and granted by the State Alliance of YMCA’s to schools to participate in our events. The funding can support transportation costs, a Civic Health Champion stipend for the teacher advisor and help with attendance costs associated with our events and conferences. Delegations will have to meet some basic requirements; including meeting with elected officials who represent their students, and engage in local funding support efforts equal to 10% of their grant total.